Online Courses

With some of the leading teachers in the English speaking world, AlKauthar has been able to design, develop and deliver some phenomenal Islamic courses. Our courses cover key concerns that we all have from the jurisprudence of the religion to the spirituality of the faith. AlKauthar Online platform provides the opportunity to attend some of these most popular courses from the comfort of your home!

Complete with on-demand video lessons, ebooks, audio lessons and a certificate of completion, AlKauthar Online courses offer the flexibility of learning about a topic at your convenience.

AlKauthar Online has the largest number of online courses covering the essentials of fiqh, marriage and parenting, personal development, seerah, tafseer and belief. New courses are added to the portal on a regular basis.

Enrich Plus and Enrich Pro subscribers have free unlimited access to all AlKauthar online courses

Why attend an online course?

Hours of on-demand videos - watch video lessons and continue where you left off at another time
Once enrolled, you have life-time access
Downloadable audio lessons - listen to audio on-demand while commuting
Online learning on desktop, laptop, mobile
Celebrate your achievement with a certificate after finishing all the lessons.

Available online courses

Surah Kahf
Surah Yusuf
Journey of the Hearts
Heart Therapy
Home Sweet Home
Parenting Matters
The A-Z of Love & Mercy
The Mark of a Jurist
The Real Deal
The 99 Names of Allah
The Muslim DNA
Al Mustafa - The Chosen One